Miss Alignment
Personal Training and Movement Specialist

Miss Alignment  Personal Training and Movement Specialist

We love training! We also understand how intimidating gyms & fitness fanatics are. Sessions can take place in the comfort of your home, outside or in a private gym.

Commiting to make a change is scary & we want to work with you to make those changes matter. We look to correct, improve and maintain a more efficient you.

Movement is at the core of our early growth & development spectacle, and movement remains the central theme throughout life. You only have to watch a small child & their development to crawling & walking to understand how complex movement is. Something we do mostly without giving it a second thought! 

Before embarking on any sort of physical activity it is essential you understand the risk factors associated with movement-based activity. Wherever possible, we must separate movement dysfunction from fitness & performance. Aggressive physical training cannot change fundamental mobility & stability problems at an effective rate without also introducing a degree of compensation & increased risk of injury. 

In women, pregnancy, childbirth & carrying children will all put incredible strain on the physical body, so much that you may find you have aches & pains you never noticed before. Place that strain on top of a compromised posture as a result of a lot of desk work & you can be storing serious movement issues up for the future.

Just because men can't get pregnant it doesn't mean they are exempt from movement dysfunction. Many men work & train with terrible posture & alignment, putting up with aches & soreness as a fact of life.

At Miss Alignment we will work with you to set realistic training goals and will also pay close attention to your aches & pains, understanding & working with your movement pattern weaknesses to help you create a stronger, pain free version of yourself.

There is nothing better than 1-2-1 training to help you learn, adapt & change. However if you want the support of a friend we will also train small groups.

  • 1-2-1 or small groups
  • movement analysis
  • functional training
  • weight loss
  • get fitter
  • any age, any size, any fitness!

Call Yasmin today for a no obligation chat on 07799707483, or email enquiries@missalignment.co.uk